Vlinder Software announces the first release candidate for Arachnida version 2.3

Arachnida is an HTTP(S) server an client framework for embedded devices. It supports HTTP/1.1 and makes it easy to integrate an HTTP server into your application, on devices that may not have a file system.

In this release, we’ve introduced a few bug fixes and performance improvements, allowing server implementations to respond even faster to requests. We’ve also made it easier to send very large responses — and intend to make it even easier in the next releases.

The release candidate is available to existing customers for testing purposes. A second release candidate will include a few documentation changes, and changes from feed-back about this release candidate. the final release should be available by 2015Q1.

While we did not usually publicly announce release candidates in the past, we’ve found (from feed-back from our customers) that such public announcements are appreciated (because they are available through RSS). We therefore intend to announce all intermediate versions of Arachnida on the website in the future.

If you would like to try Arachnida-2.3-rc1, please contact your support representative or create a ticket right here on the site. You do not have to have a currently-valid license agreement or support package to try a release candidate.