The pharmaceutical industry has some of the most stringent quality requirements stemming both from their obvious impact on human health and from strict regulation of large parts of the manufacturing process and supply chain management.

While Vlinder Software does not provide turnkey solutions for this industry, we do provide software and services aimed at industrial automation in the pharmaceutical industry: fail-safe and fast software solutions for product tracking help track some of the most-used dental anaesthetics from inspection by an automated inspection system to the accept/reject decision taken using one of our purpose-designed domain-specific embedded languages.

There solution we prepared for this case was an interpreted functional programming language that allowed the accept/reject decision to be taken using a set of user-configurable parameters, applying engineer-designed logic from a purposefully restricted set of functions that could hook into the inspection application’s database and still meet the stringent timing requirements.

Chances are you’ve had a cavity filled some time in the last few years, using a local anaesthetic that passed the inspection and was accepted using this DSL: You already trust our software.