Vlinder Software is all about Making Life Easier. It’s about creating high-quality software and rendering high-quality services for your business.

We specialize in embedded software for an industrial environment: reliable software with a small footprint.

Among the services Vlinder Software provides, the most important are:

  • Software design and analysis including Functional Analysis and Requirements Analysis to make sure that what you need is what you get - even if the implementation is not done by us.
  • Development training including cybersecurity, multi-threading and parallelism principles and pitfalls, generic programming in C++, object-oriented design, contract theory, etc.
  • Custom software and firmware development in C++, C and VHDL, or a mix of these, on Linux, Windows Server, Windows Embedded, Android or Yocto.
  • High-quality software and firmware adapted to your needs, including µpool2, the fast memory allocator, as well as domain-specific languages, parsers, etc.

We measure software quality as follows:

  • High-quality software meets your needs: it is what you need, the way you need it and fits your requirements like a glove.
  • High-quality software is easily extensible: it should be designed with no extra fluff, but with future needs in mind. It should be maintainable in the long run, and have an open architecture
  • High-quality software is fast: Speed Matters and high-quality software shouldn't spend its time wasting CPU cycles..
  • High-quality software is stable: at run-time, it should be fault-tolerant. At coding-time, APIs shouldn't be in constant flux but should be predictable, both in their use and in their meanings. High-quality software does not leak. It does not waste resources. It does not deadlock, livelock, or randomly fail because of race conditions.
  • High-quality software is light-weight: it does not contain bells and whistles you neither want nor need. It contains what you need it to contain and does not have a larger footprint than it needs to have. It does not hog nor waste resources.
  • High-quality software is testable: it comes with test suites - from unit tests to black box tests - that allow you to verify and validate the software. It comes with documentation that tells you what the software should do and how to make sure it does what it should do. You shouldn't have to "hope for the best".

High-quality software is software you can trust. Some of our software is running in production facilities around the world, taking decisions that affect you.

If you’ve been to the dentist recently, you already trust our software.