Ronald Landheer-Cieslak started Vlinder Software as a DBA in 2004, shortly after arriving in Canada from France. Vlinder Software, or Logiciels Vlinder, is now registered in Quebec’s business registry with number 2268177054 and provides consulting services for cybersecurity and software design for ICS and OT systems.

Ronald is a scientist by training and an engineer at heart, if not by title. He has built a career designing and developing software for cloud services, servers, and embedded devices, focusing on the “always-on” type of applications and cybersecurity. He has worked in interactive television, the financial industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and power systems.

Ronald takes a requirements-driven approach to software engineering, going by three key mantras: “The definition of quality is the measure by which a solution meets its requirements”, “If you cannot describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing”, and “If you don’t know the technology to solve a problem, learn it.”

Ronald is known for his technical know-how and leadership. He is a member of the IEEE and actively participates in standards development, focusing particularly on communications and security. He leads the DNP3 Cybersecurity Task Force which is currently working on DNP3 SAv6 and the Authorization Management Protocol, and is involved in cybersecurity-related research projects.