Parsing and generating text can require a lot of memory – to the point where running the parser can be prohibitive on some devices. This is often due to sub-optimal handling of strings, bad integration with the system’s allocators, …

Acari was originally designed for the Arachnida HTTP(S) Server Framework and the specific challenge of parsing large amounts of text without ever copying anything, and playing nice with binary data. Acari is a class library containing the things you would normally need to build a parser. It is not a parser generator.

Many of the basic functions found in Acari are also found in general-purpose libraries such as Boost and the STL. Acari differs on one important point, however: it is specifically designed for industrial devices.

Acari has been separated from Arachnida, and is now available as a separate library, recommended for use as a toolkit for special-purpose text parsers and specific optimization projects. See the software page for a link to the datasheet or contact us for an evaluation license, or if you have questions.