Effective immediately, Vlinder Software is ceasing commercial support for the Depends dependency tracking library. The Depends dependency tracker library was created in 2007 during some experiments being conducted for the now-defunct Jail-Ust project. It then morphed into a stand-alone project that was maintained chiefly for educational purposes.

To our knowledge, Depends was mainly used for internal tools that did not require commercial licensing, and very little support was ever necessary. Parts of it were incorporated in projects (such as interpreters, parsers, and other applications that needed an annotated directed acyclic graph) but modifications for these projects were never ported back to Depends itself, leaving it essentially un-changed for several years now (the latest update was in 2013, the latest known use was late 2014).

Hence, Depends will no longer be maintained by Vlinder Software, and commercial support will no longer be available for this library.

The latest version of Depends’s public version is available on GitHub