Vlinder Software is happy to announce a preview version of our new Rubicon ASN.1 parser and code generator.

Rubicon consists of:

  1. a DER decoder you can embed into your own applications
  2. a DER encoder you can embed into your own applications
  3. an experimental X.680 ASN.1 parser and code generator that generates C++14-compliant code for all of the types and values defined in the ASN.1 schema file.

We’re launching this as a preview because the parser and code generator is still experimental. The DER encoder and decoder are “ready for prime time”.

This is an invitation-only preview. If you want to participate, send an E-mail to support@vlinder.ca. Tell us a bit about your project and what you want to use Rubicon for. Participants will get a free license to use Rubicon for the project in question, conditional only on good-faith participation in the preview.